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Defender Outdoors Shooting Center

Being the largest indoor shooting and training center in Texas comes with challenges. Our air system is designed to provide positive air pressure through a series of HEPA filters. The power necessary to keep our public area cool, comfortable, and safe is substantial. All Source Energy Services guaranteed us 10% savings on our electric bill. After the installation of their proprietary equipment, our actual savings exceeded this. For us, that’s a massive reduction in our overhead each month, especially in the hot Texas summers.

Will James, President of Defender Outdoors



Holiday Chevrolet

Working with All Source Energy Services has been excellent during the entire process. The planning and installation, resulted in a true 20% (maybe more) energy savings. Moreover, the protection their system provides our computer networks gives us great peace of mind. The upgraded lighting in our service area enhanced visibility for our technicians and offered additional power savings. Overall, All Source Energy Services increased our bottom line, insured our investment in equipment, and improved the work environment. We plan to use All Source Energy Services in our other locations as well.

-Matt Johnson, Owner of Holiday Chevrolet



Chicken Express

Chicken Express’s regional warehouse and distribution facility covers 90,000 square feet of cold storage. We had three goals: save on our kilowatt consumption, reduce our demand bill charges, and protection of our facility and equipment. Testing showed at least 25% saving after installation of the equipment. Corresponding utility billing also confirmed the savings. Based on these facts, we agree that the services and equipment has provided payback of the cost in less than 24 months.

-Nick Valtierra, General Manager Chicken Express Corporate



ABF Packing, Inc

My team and I are very selective when it comes to the investments we make and the products we buy to help run our operation. Allsource’s team of experts were very efficient with our time and delivered on every pledge they made. With the Allsource Power Quality Solution, we have improved the lifespan of our equipment while decreasing our energy spend. We have seen the savings their solution provides and are impressed with their process from start to finish.

-Jason Beyer, President and CEO of ABF Packing, Inc.

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