Power Quality & Harmonics

Power Quality and Harmonics

Often taken for granted, the power delivered by the utility companies can vary in stability and quality. Distances from the primary transmission source, use of harmonic inducing equipment, and many other factors can affect the power quality in your system. Power Quality can be affected by spikes or sags in voltage, frequency variations and impedance, as well as waveform distortions and harmonics.

These power quality differences can be expensive and destructive to your equipment! Constant changes in power quality will wear out electrical components, trip breakers, blow fuses, cause machines to overheat and lights to flicker. At their worst, power quality fluctuations can destroy computer systems that aren't protected. We use technology to insure a consistent flow of power to your equipment and building, preventing premature failure and reducing the cost of running your equipment.

Power Quality issues go beyond simple wear on electric components. Our clients have been surprised to see other annoyances fixed after we’ve engineered a power solution for their facility. Symptoms of bad power quality may manifest as:

  • Dimming, flickering, or humming lights
  • Computer Lock-ups or overheating
  • Random or unexplained equipment shut downs
  • Stalling or stuttering in electric motors
  • Shimmer, dimming or other disturbances in digital displays
  • Crackling or buzzing audio systems

Power filtering can fix many of these issues, taking away minor annoyances in your workplace.  Not only will you save money and prolong the life of your equipment, but your employees will have a less stressful work environment with properly functioning lights and equipment.

If you're unsure if your facility is protected against severe or prolonged Power Quality fluctuations, give Allsource Energy Services a call. Our quick consultation could save you thousands or more!

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