Power Factor Correction

Power Factor is a major consideration in any industrial or commercial space. Power Factor is the difference between real power, the power that is actually doing work, and apparent power, the complete amount of energy in a system.  Ideally, a system will have a power factor of 1. Unfortunately, because of electric motors, fluorescent lamps, solenoids, pumps, and generators, some systems have very low power factors. Not only do you waste energy when you have a low power factor, but your energy provider may be charging you penalties for your low power factor!

Our experienced staff can design a system that can lower your utility bill by reducing system loss and maintain a high power factor. This important section of a well designed plan targets motor inefficiencies and will bring your apparent power down to equal your real power. Utility companies sometimes assess a penalty for lower power factor and an incentive for higher levels, so you could save even more money! Some energy companies will even give you large rebates to help pay for your power factor correction. Allsource will not only fix your power factor, we'll ensure the utility company is removing your penalty for your improved power factor.