LED Lighting

Light Emitting Diode lights are one of the most energy efficient lighting technologies. LED lighting systems last longer and require less maintenance with improved light quality, plus they use less kilowatts per hour than traditional incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent bulbs. Based on our analysis, we can recommend a simple bulb replacement or if necessary, a re-design of your lighting system that is energy efficient with improved visibility. An added bonus is LED lights generate far less heat than traditional lighting systems, allowing you additional savings from your HVAC system!

While the price of LED lamps is slightly higher than incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent bulbs, you may be surprised how much of a difference they can make. Studies have shown that most companies can recoup the cost of LEDs in less than 3 years, as LEDs rarely need replacing or maintenance. Additionally, the energy savings offered by LED lighting can accelerate the pay back! In fact, as prices of LED lamps continue to fall, companies are seeing their investments pay off sooner than ever! (source)

Advantages of switching to LED lighting:
  • Energy Efficiency: Put out more lumens per watt than halogens or incandescent (up to 90% less)
  • Longer Bulb Life: Lower replacement and maintenance costs over time
  • Low Heat Output: Save on A/C costs and waste less power through heat
  • Rugged Construction: LEDs are harder to break, can take more of a beating, and aren’t affected by cool temperatures or vibrations.
  • Durability: No filaments mean LEDs aren’t damaged by on-off cycles and they don’t leave glass everywhere when they break.
  • Instant On: No warm-up time or lag, LED’s instantly turn on and off
  • Environmentally Friendly: In addition to the energy efficiency, LEDs also lack any toxic materials like mercury vapor and can usually be recycled.
  • Controllable and Versatile: LEDs can be programmed for cycles and brightness, a variety of colors are available, and can be installed in more places than traditional lights.
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