LED Lighting

Light Emitting Diode lights are one of the most energy efficient lighting technologies. These lighting systems last longer and require less maintenance with improved light quality, plus they use less kilowatts per hour than traditional incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent bulbs.

Onsite Power Generation

Through turnkey energy solutions, including design, engineering, and cost analysis, we help you reduce costs and hedge against future price increases while decreasing your overall carbon footprint.

Power Factor Correction

Stop wasting money on penalties from your low power factor. If your energy provider is adding surcharges each month, let our team of engineers raise your power factor, making your facility more efficient and saving you from costly penalties.

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Power Quality & Harmonics

Often taken for granted, the power delivered by the utility companies can vary in stability and quality. Distances from the primary transmission source, use of harmonic inducing equipment , and many other factors can affect the power quality in your system. These power quality differences can be expensive and destructive to your equipment. We use technology to insure a consistent flow of power to your equipment and building, preventing premature failure and reducing the cost of running your equipment.

Predominant Use Studies

If your company fabricates or manufactures products in Texas, you may be eligible for a massive tax exemption on your utility usage. Many other industries and sub-industries also qualify for this exemption, including food processing, Oil and Gas operations, Agricultural operations, apartment complexes, and even RV parks. We can consult on whether your company would be applicable for the Predominate Use Study exemption, do the mandatory study and application process for the state initiative, and update your Predominate Use Study if you experience a company change that mandates an update of the study.

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