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Our Team

Byron Biggs

Founder and CEO of Allsource Energy Services, Byron Biggs has spent 25 years in the energy industry. Byron graduated from Texas Christian University and has spent over 14 years in the DFW area working in wholesale energy supply/trading, marketing, and consulting. Over the last several years Byron has focused much of his time on environmental products and renewable energy. He started All Source Energy Services in 2017 with the goal of bringing a win-win solution to the customer by combining technology, experience and expertise with the mission of saving the consumer money through procurement and efficiency products.

Jason Bear

Chief Operating Officer Jason Bear brings the “big picture” view after spending many years working in various segments of the energy industry. Jason has spent 16 years in power and gas deregulated markets gaining amazing insight into many ways to save his customers money on their energy spend through efficiency solutions and customer specific commodity offerings. Jason has made it his goal to change the way a customer views and manages their energy usage while offering them a way to reduce their monthly expense.

Keith Frantum

Joining Allsource as Vice President of Business Development in March 2018, Keith brings over three decades of experience in the Electrical and Energy Services Industry which includes design, installation, project management, and sales. Keith thrives on the opportunity to offer and deliver unique and innovative energy and electrical services that improve business performance.

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