Our Energy Savings Guarantee

Allsource Energy Services is so confident in our technologies and processes that we guarantee you'll save 10% or more on your electric bill! Our proprietary technology reduces the amount of power your facility uses while providing better power quality, lower harmonic interference, and superior surge protection. Our company has seen this technology work for every client that has had one installed, and we stand behind this guarantee.

Manufacturer’s Guarantee

The manufacturer of the Allsource Energy Services Power Quality Solution guarantees that all products sold and installed under this brand will reduce the total electric charges by at least 10% or the company will refund your purchase price.

This guarantee will be based on the measurement of kilowatt hours (kWh) and kilowatts (kW) with and without the Allsource Energy Services Power Quality Solution product connected to the customer’s electrical system.  The guarantee is effective for sixty (60) days from the date of installation.

Reduction of kilowatt hours must be determined by one of two methods. The customer and installer must agree in advance and notify manufacturer which method will be used:

1.    A 15 minute off-on-off test (or such other time as agreed by the manufacturer in advance) using a power equipment meter, and according to the data gathering procedures set forth in manufacturer’s. This can be used most effectively when the energy consumption is relatively stable.

2.    Twenty-Four (24) months’ prior electric bills will be furnished by the customer to establish kWh usage history, year to year variability in pre-installation consumption and a baseline for comparison. Any change in electric equipment or loads in the building or in the year-to-year temperature will be factored into this comparison.  This can be used when the load has not changed materially in the last year and sensitivity to temperature fluctuations is modest.

Proper installation must have been performed by a currently licensed electrician according to the installation procedures set forth in manufacturer’s documentation. If possible, the initial installation should be a “soft install”, with no damage to the product (once the customer has fully accepted the product, it will be permanently installed).

If the installation requirements have been met and the comparison does not confirm at least a 10% reduction in total electric charges, the customer may return the product for a refund.  The installer should remove the product and box it, and manufacturer will pay to ship the product back.  If the unit is in like-new condition, manufacturer will refund the purchase price.  If the product is in lesser condition, the return is subject to a restocking fee.

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